Brewery/Fermentarium, Taphouse & Kitchen. Where Art and Science Meet.

Brewery, Taproom & Kitchen with Fermented Food and Drink.

Based in Norfolk, U.K.  


We grow our own hops.

We have our own deep borehole for water.

We malt barley grown within 100 yards of the brewery. 

We grow & collect herbs and fruits from around the farm for our beers.

We have Norfolk-Grown Watermelons, Peaches, Raspberries, Blackberries, Wormwood, Quinces, Medlars, and Sweet Gale.

We have a focus on wild and mixed fermentations.

We have our own in-house fermentation cultures, taken from wild yeasts and bacteria found around our brewery and organic apple orchard.

We have a barrel ageing programme, with one-off releases.

We make delicious fermented food and drink on site, and sell it in our taproom

All Day Brewing Company. Exceptional Fermented Food & Drink for any time of day.