The Kitchen is now closed for the winter!

We’ll be re-opening in April 2019.

When we do, we’ll be once again featuring a menu chock-full of local ingredients, many grown here on the farm, or just up the road at Eve’s Hill Vegetable Co. Most of our dishes will have Fermented Food at their heart.

Miles, our chef, is currently finalising the coming season’s menu, but if last year is anything to go on, expect to find in-house fermented sourdough pizza - sourdough yeasts and bacteria captured from our orchard, and propagated weekly for the next batch of dough. We start the process on a Tuesday, and cold ferment the dough ready for service on Friday and Saturday nights.Toppings are prepared in-house - one of our favourites uses a Rocket pesto, with fresh rocket grown in our polytunnels. The pizzas are cooked to order on our outdoor wood fired pizza oven at about 400C, using local hardwood as fuel.

We’ll be doing “Posh Chips” using local potatoes cut to be extra chunky, then twice cooked and smothered with exotic toppings.

New to the menu this coming year will be side orders of our own lacto-fermented Sauerkraut and Kimchi, in-house Tempeh fries made with East Anglian grown soya beans, plus Tofu burgers supplied by our friends at Tofurei, the first Tofu micro-dairy in the U.K. Also, expect further outings of Miles’ signature Southern Indian Streetfood inspired Tapas platters..

2018.07.26 All Day Brewing-2.jpg